All Forge apps on one list.

What is a Forge app?

Forge is an app development platform for the Atlassian ecosystem. Atlassian states that it is designed for building secure, reliable, and scalable apps. Most apps on the Atlassian Marketplace are using the older Atlassian Connect platform. The key difference between Forge and Connect is that Forge allows vendors to run their apps on Atlassian's infrastructure. By default, Forge apps are not allowed to connect to the internet. Every Forge app has to declare its egress permissions transparently.

What is this website for?

The Atlassian Marketplace is currently missing a filter to specifically search for apps that do not communicate with servers outside of the Atlassian Cloud platform. This website is supposed to bridge that gap to allow customers to make a more informed decision during app assessment. We assume that this page will eventually be replaced by a feature on the Atlassian Marketplace (mid-term) or become obsolete by the deprecation of Connect (in the far future).

Where do you get the data from?

All data on the list are public. It is automatically fetched from various public endpoints. The logic to identify Forge apps is based on using the public GraphQL API of Atlassian. The list of all apps on the Marketplace is retrieved from the public REST API of Atlassian. If you are interested in the details, please reach out to us.

How often are the apps on that list refreshed?

As we need to use many API requests, we spread the workload throughout the day. Changes should be propagated within 24 hours at the latest.


This is inspired by the great which doesn't have a filter for Forge apps without egress. The page now redirects to this website.

I have more questions

Sure thing! Let's chat. Reach out to Julian Wolf on Slack, LinkedIn or Telegram.